On sale Jan 4 2022

15 unique NFTs @ 0.05 ETH

SOLDOUT – Available on OPENSEA

DISTRACTED IDENTITIES by Jeremy Austin are 15 mischievous characters getting loose at the Blockparty, your character is hanging out with a few friends and your whereabouts is determined by when you arrived at the party. 


The collectors of each character will receive a bonus 1/15 edition of DISTRACTED IDENTITY BLOCKPARTY, a clustered piece consisting of multiple instances of the DISTRACTED IDENTITY characters.


Once the party is full, 15 editions of the composite artwork titled DISTRACTED IDENTITY BLOCKPARTY will be minted and airdropped to each of the character block holders.


minted: 15x 1/1s

3000x3000px | PNG


3000x3000px | PNG



minted edition: 15/15

4500x3400px | PNG


Distracted Identities are an extension of the mask and character creations that AUSTIN has been drawing and painting over the years. Originally drawn in a cluster the characters in this NFT project have been broken apart. Sharing these 15 characters with collectors will in turn unite them once again as the compositing process for the 15 edition DISTRACTED IDENTITY BLOCKPARTY piece brings them all back together determined by the order in which the characters are collected. 


  • Distracted Identity NFTs cost 0.05 ETH each. You must pay using Ethereum, the auction won’t accept credit cards or any other type of cryptocurrency.
  • Once you own the NFT you can auction or sell it within OpenSea (visit www.opensea.io). Connect your digital wallet, create an account and list your NFT for sale from your “Profile” section.
  • OpenSea is a marketplace for digital goods including collectibles, gaming items, digital art, and other digital assets that are backed by a blockchain such as Ethereum. On OpenSea, you can buy, sell, and trade any of these items with anyone in the world.
  • A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is created for every digital item that’s published, making the digital creation (art, photograph, song..) finite. That’s because it’s been digitally signed by the creator and uniquely identified on the blockchain. In a world where anything digital can be infinitely copied, a unique digital creation can only be owned by a single individual.
  • Essentially, the NFT token is what provides proof of ownership and authenticity of your creation.
  • A digital wallet is software that manages your cryptocurrencies and also allows you to interact with blockchain technologies like Ethereum. Your wallet is your ID on the Ethereum blockchain and is used to digitally sign all of your creations. If you need to create a personal wallet, I recommend using MetaMask.
  • Ethereum is a blockchain that enables a smart contract, the agreement between the buyer and the seller of an item. Ethereum is also considered by many as a world computer. That means that any information stored on it isn’t managed by any central authority, but rather stored across thousands of computers worldwide.
  • Ether or Ξ is the cryptocurrency used to interact with Ethereum, and it’s what you’ll use to purchase a Distracted Identity.
  • Ethereum is considered a world computer, operated by many computers across the world. This means that interacting with it incurs a transaction fee called gas to compensate the operators of Ethereum.
  • This gas fee is paid in Ether and can vary in price depending on how quickly you wish to publish your creations and the demand on the blockchain. At this time, gas fees associated with creation, setting prices and sending artworks will need to be paid for by the artist or collector.
  • To purchase a Distracted Identity NFT you’ll need to set up a MetaMask Wallet and add some Ethereum (ETH) as the auction will not accept credit cards or any other type of cryptocurrency.
  • Video instructions detailing how to set up a MetaMask account can be found HERE.
  • Once your Metamask account has been set up. Purchase some ETH (Ethereum) directly via Metamask or via an exchange. Remember to ensure you have enough included in this to cover the transaction fees (GAS).
  • Head to Opensea to view the Distracted Identity Blockparty collection and choose a Distracted Identity to buy. Got any questions hit me directly via Twitter @JeremyAustin__